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Client Name: Robert Cause
Category: House Cleaning
Location: 25 Buffalo, New York
Date Start: 10 December, 2019
Date Completed: 13 December, 2019
Other Info: Your Custom

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One mom, four kids, four experts, four weeks. Which system would help this untidy mother get the most spic and span with the least amount of effort? Is it okay that she take a nap almost every day when her baby sleeps instead of using that time to clean the bathroom? As kids got older, they got more and more stuff, which they don’t put away. So recently housekeeping has become a matter of survival. If you think I’m exaggerating you have never stepped on a Lego with a bare foot. Or almost passed out from discovering a sour sippy cup.

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Luckily, there are experts who give advice and specific details about all of this stuff. Clean? Orderly? Sign me up. Queak encourages moms to engineer convenience. And if you have a big mess that you just can’t get rid of — build a wall or buy a cabinet to hide it. Let’s embark on your first non-cleaning experiment with high hopes and low energy, but Queak cheery optimism inspires me.

Project Overview

This project will make you think about how your house is set up and how to make every-thing work better for you. Queak will convince you that when it comes to housework, there’s just no virtue in doing things the hard way. Just do it the way that you need to do it in order to get things done. And if we haven’t gotten food poisoning and don’t have mold growing anywhere, why, then, that is a success to celebrate!

Modern Technology

We are all aware of the fast pace of technology and how it is hard to keep track with it. But we often feel the urge to do so, like in the case of, let’s say, our phone.

Affordable Service

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Expert Member

House cleaning professionals using the Handy platform have helped clean millions of homes and apartments in NYC, SF, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, and beyond.

How We Work

Queak makes hiring a house cleaner as easy as picking up the phone and telling us what kind of cleaning help you need, but we understand that you may have some questions about the actual process. Learn all about what Queak can do for you! We’ll start with your address and zip code, so we know where we’ll be cleaning.

We’ll ask for your email address and phone number, so we can get in touch with you for any questions. Don’t worry; we won’t share your information with anyone. When the cleaning team from The Queak arrives at your home, we’ll bring your abode up to our exacting standards. We provide a 100 percent guarantee on all our cleaning services, and solicit feedback and reviews from our customers to help us find better ways to assist you in cleaning house. If you’re not pleased with any area we’ve worked on, call us within 24 hours—we’ll re-clean it!

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Maler-rester og byggeriaflejringer
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Afbestilling og ændringer
Eventuelle afbestillinger eller ændringer til den aftalte service skal meddeles skriftligt til tjenesteyderen mindst 48 timer før den aftalte servicedato. Ved manglende overholdelse kan tjenesteyderen opkræve et gebyr.

Ansvar og erstatning
Tjenesteyderen forpligter sig til at udføre service af høj kvalitet. Skulle der opstå skade eller mangler ved udførelsen af servicen, er tjenesteyderens ansvar begrænset til reparation eller genudførelse af den aftalte service.

Eventuelle tvister mellem kunden og tjenesteyderen skal i første omgang forsøges løst amikabelt. Hvis dette ikke er muligt, skal tvister afgøres ved dansk ret.

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